3 Tips On How To Write Good Content For SEO

Content is king” is a popular term to the extent that it sounds cliché. The truth is that the content you use is of great importance as it plays a huge role in not only increasing your rank in the search engine results, but it also determines the traffic you get and the number of people who share your content.

For you to write good content for SEO you need to follow these tips:

Have a great title

This is the first thing that people see when they search for your content. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the title attracts the attention of your readers. Studies have shown that titles with number are more attractive than those without; therefore, you should include numbers in your title. For example, you can write: 4 SEO tricks every internet marketer should know.

If you want the entire title to be visible in search results, you should keep it under 72 characters.

Include keyword

Keywords are still very important in SEO. Unlike before, you shouldn’t over stuff the keywords in your content. The best way of going about it is including the keyword at least once in every 100 words. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the keyword reads naturally.

When writing the keyword you should avoid targeting one term. The best way of going about it is targeting long-tail keywords. In addition to these keywords being less competitive, they bring in more targeted traffic thus increasing your conversion.

Make use of Meta description

The truth is that the search engine spiders don’t crawl through the Meta description; therefore, the Meta description doesn’t have SEO value. However, you shouldn’t ignore it.

Meta description plays a huge role in letting your readers know the content contained in the article. Studies have shown that regardless of your rank in the search results, the description greatly determines how many people click on your article.

Even if your article is at the bottom of the results, you will attract people to click on it if your Meta description is well written. A well written description should let the reader know what is contained in the article. To ensure that the entire description is visible you should ensure that it’s no more than 160 characters.